Inspiring Change

– our vision


Chrysalis Centre is a ground-breaking programme of interventions to break the cycle of domestic abuse making victims, families and communities safer. This is achieved by challenging underlying abusive behaviours and providing education and support to enable healthy, safe and positive relationships. Central to the role of Chrysalis Centre is the effective screening of referrals to understand causation factors, including Adverse Childhood Experiences, substance or alcohol dependencies.

Working across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, the Chrysalis Centre brings together a range of professionals from healthcare, criminal justice and behavioural change experts to introduce clinical, behavioural and support interventions to achieve positive and potentially life affirming futures.

This programme of work will be underpinned by ongoing clinical and academic evaluation to ensure the delivery of interventions are effective and safe and approaches are founded on the most up to date and validated methods.

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Transforming Lives

– how we help


We offer a new way of enabling behaviour change through a holistic and person-centric approach. Interventions are available to anyone who causes harm and is a resident of Beds and Herts irrespective of sex, age, or risk level.

Making a Referral
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Upon receipt of a referral, our Chrysalis Centre Team will make an initial risk assessment including safeguarding checks to ensure everyone’s safety. We will make contact within 2 working days to obtain more information and inform you of next steps.

A needs assessment will be arranged so a personalised plan can be produced based on individual support needs. A face-to-face interview will take place to understand the motives, worries and wishes of the individual. In some cases, a psychological assessment will be required. A range of interventions and options will be considered and discussed as part of an agreed plan.

The Process


• Single form for all
individuals and

  • • Safeguarding checks are made
  • • Further information obtained
  • • Triaged within 2 working days
  • • Motivational interview
  • • Support Plan
  • • Psychological assessment
  • • Adult counselling
  • • Therapeutical support
  • • Children and Young people’s services
  • • Psychoeducational courses
  • • Behaviour change programmes (121 or group sessions)
  • • Mental health support
  • • Substance misuse support
  • • Housing Services

Interventions are available to anyone who causes harm and is a resident of Beds and Herts irrespective of sex, age, or risk level. We have made the referral process as simple and easy to complete as possible to empower you to take action. It is one single process for everyone.